Star-Sanded Banner! Sandsational To Sculpt Battle of Ft. McHenry

2014 Marks 200th Anniversary of Francis Scott Key’s “Defence of Ft. McHenry” Poem, Better Known as the Star–Spangled Banner.

For the fourth consecutive year, Sandsational returns to Regatta to amaze the multitudes with their ambitious, always gritty, highly abrasive by nature, artwork. Already somewhat of an iconic crew in the city, the team, which features world champion Thomas Koet, has astounded onlookers year after year with their silty talents—as they meticulously parlay shapeless piles of sand into spiring, life-like spectacles.

Using nothing more than simple tools and their innate creative abilities, they will start June 18 on another imposing scene—the Battle of Ft. McHenry, made famous by Francis Scott Key’s poem—and now known everywhere as the National Anthem of the United States.

As usual, it will take roughly 11 days to fashion the nearly 200 tons of sand into the colossal carving of craftmanship they envision. Viewers can watch from start to finish as the team works—from the dawn’s early light to early evening—roughly 10 hours each day to hone the image.

Sandsational Presented by Colcom Foundation Sand Kings
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